First, I want a job, so I have to figure out how to fulfill the wants ofeditors. That means: Write. Write some more. Have my writing evaluated.Write better next time. Challenge myself to different styles of writing. I willnot succeed at all of them, but I will focus on a few and polish my skills.

Second: Report. Report some more. I will do reporting based mostlyon interviews, reporting that involved digging into databases, reporting thatrequired learning something complicated.

Third  thing I  believe  is  a  practice  one:  Take  internship.  Get  anadvantage of my internships to talk with the other reporters about how theydo their jobs.

Fourth: Read, read and read. Read a lot, fiction and non-fiction. I needto be so well-read that grammar becomes instinctive. I need to be so well-read that I will have multiple story models in my head when I’ll sit down towork on an article.

In the end,  the  fifth thing it’s  to develop a specialty that  gives meoptions. I don’t know now which will be my specialty but I’m very sure Iwon’t try to do everything


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